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Urban walk, unexpected delight

Dawn, Manchester, New Hampshire

Dawn, Manchester, New Hampshire

I was in Manchester this morning at the crack of dawn, walking on a sidewalk just off Elm Street, when I felt a sprinkle. The barest hint of rain, not even enough to speckle my glasses. It was over almost as soon as it started. Then I looked up: a perfect rainbow, at sunrise. That’s a fine a sight as anything I’ve seen on a trail lately. Enjoy the unexpected things.

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Time for a Climb

Ellen Kolb:

Wonderful post & photos from Pitcher Mountain, from New Hampshire Garden Solutions – a fine blog to follow. Enjoy.

Originally posted on New Hampshire Garden Solutions:

1. Sign

I’ve been determined this year to show you what our fall foliage looks like from up above the treetops. My first try on Hewe’s Hill in Swanzey wasn’t entirely successful because of the limited viewing range and the bright sunshine that day, so last week I decided to try Pitcher Mountain in Stoddard. There are 360 degree views from the top of this mountain, so I reasoned that it would be possible to take photos without the sun shining directly at the camera.

2. Trail

It was partly cloudy and windy that day and most of the trees seemed to still have plenty of leaves on them.

3. Maple

This young maple was certainly colorful.

4. Meadow

About halfway up the trail you come to a large meadow where long horned and long haired Scottish Highland cattle are kept. At least some of the time, anyway; I’ve climbed this mountain many times now and have never…

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For your enjoyment: NH Public TV’s Windows to the Wild segment with Buffalo & Tough Cookie

Enjoy this treat from New Hampshire Public Television’s Windows to the Wild series: series host Willem Lange joins Dan Szczesny and Janelle (AKA Buffalo and Tough Cookie) for a hike up Mt. Magalloway in New Hampshire’s north country.

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View from Stratham Hill Tower

This decommissioned fire tower is a five-minute walk uphill from the parking lot at Stratham Hill Park on Route 33 in Stratham, New Hampshire. I paid it a quick visit on a sunny and clear fall afternoon.

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Early fall, Weeks State Park

View of the Presidentials and Mt. Martha (right) from Weeks State Park auto road, Lancaster NH

View of the Presidentials and Mt. Martha (right) from Weeks State Park auto road, Lancaster NH

I had the good fortune to have business in Lancaster recently as fall was setting in across the North Country. I stopped for a walk up the Weeks State Park auto road, which is currently closed to auto traffic on weekdays. I wasn’t the only pedestrian enjoying the unseasonably warm day. The leaves are turning; my guess is that peak color in this part of Coos County is still a week away.

From Mt. Prospect: town of Jefferson and Mt. Starr King

From Mt. Prospect: town of Jefferson and Mts. Starr King & Waumbek

The oaks lining the auto road are still in full leaf, with just a hint of color. Squirrels were busy gathering acorns and dropping more than a few onto the pavement (but I dodged ‘em). The green canopy was out of sync with all the colorful foliage visible from the auto road’s pullouts.

Since my last visit to Weeks, a small unpaved parking lot’s been added just outside the gate to the auto road. That’s an improvement over having to walk across two lanes of 50 m.p,h. highway to get to the park from the pretty little lot on the other side of U.S. 3.

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Late summer, Ponemah Bog

Ignoring the onlooker at Ponemah Bog, Amherst NH

Ignoring the onlooker at Ponemah Bog, Amherst NH

See what this goose is doing? Right – it’s ignoring me. That’s amazing. Most of the urban and suburban Canada geese in these parts learn early that people will feed them, and they can be a nuisance. I came upon a gaggle on Ponemah Bog as I made my way around the boardwalk, and they were content to leave me alone when I stopped and sat on a bench for awhile.

Leaves on the blueberry bushes have turned rusty red, giving a hint of autumn. Some blue asters remain, and the odd-looking flowers of the pitcher plants are poking up. It’s been dry around here, and the boardwalk shifts underfoot only slightly without the squish one hears in the spring or after heavy summer rain. No bug repellent needed today, which was the most emphatic sign of all that summer’s almost over.

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Date set for the Windows to the Wild broadcast!

Ellen Kolb:

A extraordinary pair of New Hampshire hikers team up with Willem Lange – and unless I’m mistaken, they’re hiking Mt. Magalloway. I’m looking forward to the broadcast.

Originally posted on The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie:

Well friends, as you can see by the new picture in our header, we’re excited about the upcoming broadcast of the Windows to the Wild show featuring Buffalo and Tough Cookie! The air date is, drum roll please, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014 at 7:30pm on New Hampshire Public Television. We even already have a blurb on their site, check it out: An Unusual Hiking Duo

I’ll post more as the time draws near, but until then, here’s one of my favorite shots from the hike. Big thanks for the pics to Joe Klementovich. Our banner and the pic below is © Joe Klementovich for New Hampshire Public Television.

Guess who was the center of attention all day long?

Guess who was the center of attention all day long?

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